The Long Trail

When I went to dinner tonight, I felt as though I was sleep walking. My body was moving and I was awake, but I didn’t feel very alive. I think this type of state is more typical on college campuses during this time of the year. There are only 39 more shopping days till Christmas and even fewer days left till the end of the semester. We are in the crunch time and every day is an adventure.

This morning it was still raining when I woke up. I had really no banter or conversation to share with Rob on our way to class – I was just tired. After my first class, I had a group meeting to work on a group policy paper due tomorrow. We got halfway done. Then I went back to my room to call a GE person about an internship, followed by lunch. Then I went back to class to watch the first half of group presentations. My group goes Thursday. The professor also announced our individual assignment for the next project is now due Friday, rather than next week. I am angry.

Somewhere between all that I was supposed to be studying for a Sociology exam I had this afternoon. The exam didn’t go too badly, but I think I could have done better. I did get a short break for dinner. Then it was off to more group meetings. I threw together a PowerPoint for our presentation and helped with some other things. Then my group from this morning came back and we worked on the policy paper. We found out we did a lot of it wrong and have to start over a bit. We decided to call it a night and pick up again tomorrow.

So now I am getting ready for bed. With any luck I will be up early tomorrow working on this policy paper. I also need to get my wash done, or my I will run out of clothes. After I get this policy paper finished and hand it in tomorrow night, I have another group meeting. Then I have to work on my individual assignment. I still am unsure of when I going home for Thanksgiving. Something tells me whenever I go, the work will follow me.

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