You Know You’re From Havertown

This comes from my old blog. I have traffic redirecting from my old address and a lot of people have apparently been looking for this one. I figure its relevant since its my last night in town.

Stumbled upon this list of Havertown-esque qualities and I got a kick out of them so I thought I would share. Some you have to be from here to get, others are universally applicable. Anyway, here are some of my favorites:

  • When there are two Wawas on the same road: one is for the preppy kids (Super Wawa) and the other is for the ghetto kids (Skatium Wawa)
  • You either hate or love Pop’s or Rita’s, and wonder how they both do so well being across the street from each other
  • When you gather to watch a fight at the Skatium which is right next to the police station
  • There is a pizza place every two blocks
  • When the only black person in your school is a 7 foot 9th grade principal, and the previous Big Mike
  • You’ve had to run from the cops because a) you’re a minority, b) you were in the park after dark or c) you didn’t run because you knew him or he was your friend’s dad
  • You know at least one person at West Chester, Penn State, Temple, & St. Joe’s
  • There is still elementary school rivalries when you’re in high school

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