Penn State in Orange Bowl

The moment we were all waiting for – Penn State is going to play Florida State in the Orange Bowl. Not a bad match-up, though I am a little let down by the BCS. Isn’t it supposed to match 1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, so on and so on? So how does Penn State at #3 play a #22 yet somehow ACC champion Florida State? Oh well, at least we get a chance to put to rest the JoePa vs. Bowden debate.

Notre Dame is BCS worthy this year, but I am still a little unsure of why 9 wins gives them an automatic bid. I bet LSU or Virginia Tech would have liked that. Did I mention Notre Dame gets $1 million a year from the BCS even if they aren’t in a game? I am rooting hard for Ohio State to show the Irish what a real BCS conference team looks like. I won’t even waste my breath on pondering why the Big East is still in the BCS.

So I am working hard trying to organize a group of friends to go to Miami. Penn State has this stupid bracelet thing going on that means we only get a chance at tickets. And I will have to do that Thursday morning at 8, when I have a presentation at 9:45. Hopefully this will work out. If you have Orange Bowl tickets you would like to sell, be sure to contact me.

2 thoughts on “Penn State in Orange Bowl

  1. Notre Dame OSU should be a great game. Weiss’s offense taking on AJ Hawk and the vaunted scarlet and grey defense.

    All that said, the best part about the game is going to be all the fans with the Rudy Sucked shirts on during the game.

    Wish I had tickets to head out there and see it.

  2. I hope they come up with some nice blue and white “Rudy Sucked” shirts for next August when PSU goes out to South Bend.

    By the way, though I hate ND, I am actually a big fan of the Rudy movie. The shirts are still funny though.

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