Studying, or Not

While I am a pretty good student, I have never been a good studier. I think it has do with a couple things. First and foremost, I am very lazy. Second of all, I am bright enough that I could always get by without too much trouble. So I have continued to resist studying up through my college career, with mixed results. In case you haven’t sensed where I’m going, its finals week here and I am in the midst of studying. Except I am blogging right now, so I am not.

I had no finals today, so I did study quite a bit today. Still I feel like I could have done a little more. I have an interesting problem in that two of my exams require less studying but are more important. The third exam appears to have less of an impact on my overall grade, but will be more difficult – it is an open book essay exam based on several volumes of globalization literature. I am focusing on the first two right now – Japanese civilization and IT project management. Fun stuff. The project management one is especially nice since most of the terms look similar and have similar definitions. There are also a lot of pointless theories named for different people that I could care less about. The good news is, we supposedly have the questions already to study from. I am not sure if I trust this though.

In other school whining, I was very disappointed to find out that my $100 textbook on organizational theory is now work $9 if I try to sell it back to the bookstore. It will be coming soon to an near you. Otherwise, I am hesitantly optimistic about grades at this point. Regardless of what happens, I get to celebrate the end of finals Wednesday night with the premiere of King Kong.

In minor blog news, I noted today that 1/2 of all my posts came from the first week. I have been a little busier, which explains part of the problem. I hope to add more real soon though. Also I am testing out ecto again, which apparently now works on I went back and spell checked my blog entries. It’s always embarrassing to see my poor spelling, but the fact that it has been on the Internet for so long is even worse. Oh well. Good luck to all other students with finals out there. I’ll be back with more later in the week.

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