“Gigasteve Gawks…!” I’m on Ain’t It Cool News!

Wow, its been a busy weekend and this caps it all off. Last night I finally got to see the early screening of The Amateurs here at Penn State. I'm obviously a pretty big movie fan, so getting to see a movie in advance was pretty exciting. It was also an oppertunity to do some reporting for my favorite movie spy site – Ain't It Cool News. For those of you who aren't complete geeks, AICN is an independent entertainment news site with movie and television rumors that come through studio spys or just excited fans. Put me in the latter. Anyway, I was looking through my Bloglines and sure enough my story is right there "Gigasteve Gawks At THE AMATEURS!!" You can read my read my review and their amusing intro here (It is amazing that William Fichtner has work after Ultraviolet, but he was good in this and I thought he was the best part of Ultraviolet, though that doesn't say much).

Gigasteve on Ain't It Cool News

Anyway, back to how a lowly reader like myself got his story posted on the king of geek movie sites. After the screening I wrote up my review and sent it along to their editor: Harry Knowles. I got an error when sending the mbessage, so I tried sending it to another contributor's e-mail and a few hours later I was famous. I'm not sure about my choice of nicknames (mostly everyone on the site has some sort of alias), but I could have done worse. Anyway I am on Cloud 9 today and very excited. I wonder if I should put this on the press section of my portfolio?

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