Moving On, Moving Up

I am changing the location of this blog again, hopefully for the last time. I recently reaccquired the rights to again, so I am moving this blog to that domain. You can read about how I originally lost the domain here. has been a great host and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into blogging. I wanted a little more control, however, and this gives me the oppertunity exercise that. The new site has mostly the same look, but I have made some improvements and added some additional content.

I'll keep re-posting here for a limited time while people make the transition, but eventually I'll stop. So you can start directing your bookmarks and feed readers to from now on. Last of all I would like to thank all my readers who have discovered me on For the first time in my blogging career I felt like I was contributing to a community and had a real audience. I hope this will continue at the new domain. I appreciate your help and patience in this matter, thanks for all the support.

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