Most Ridiculous Penn State Press Release

Penn State Live: Avoid holiday family feuds between female relatives. A public service from your favorite land grant institution 🙂 I guess it’s an interesting area of research and there’s probably no time better time than now to remind people, but still its pretty hilarious that they would post something like this.

One thought on “Most Ridiculous Penn State Press Release

  1. Dumber than your moronic knee jerk posted comments on the Duke Lacrosse Case?I’ve never read such drivel in my life.You should at least have the sense to issue a mea culpa and think twice about applying mindless liberal formulas(inculcated no doubt by the so called professors that preach liberal orthodoxy on campus like the quasi-religious political zealots that they truly are)to the real world.But in all fairness,since about 80 “professors” from the Duke Faculty did the exact same thing,also without an apology,you as merely a student should’nt be expected to act more mature that these PC “adults”.Live and learn Steve.

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