Visiting the Real Stars Hollow: Washington Depot, CT

Washington Depot Town HallFeeling bored in my apartment this weekend, I decided I needed to take a trip and find someplace new to spend a day. In trying to think of where to go, I came up with the idea of searching for the real Stars Hollow, CT. Stars Hollow is the fictional town that played host to the Gilmore Girls, a television show which I embarrassingly admit I used to watch. On the show its portrayed a quaint little town with lots of quirky characters and it kind of shaped my expectations of Connecticut when I moved up here. I did a quick search on the Wikipedia and discovered that show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino based Stars Hollow on the real-life town of Washington Depot, CT. And less than an hour away, it seemed perfect for a quick weekend pilgrimage.

Its wrong to compare Stars Hallow to Washington Depot simply based on their appearance. Stars Hollow is actually a Warner Bros. backlot set that was built decades earlier for films like The Music Man. So it was not meant to look like Washington Depot. Still when I arrived in the town center there were all the familiar elements: a town hall, churches, small businesses, and a central lawn. One iconic piece that did appear to be missing was a gazzebo. In comparison to the Warners’ orderly “Midwestern town” set, Washington Depot has a slightly more rambling feel set on the side of a hill. The buildings were also smaller than their television counterparts – none of the businesses were built more than a story high. Washington Depot also seems much more remote than Stars Hollow. Although it was only 20 miles away, I drove almost an hour through rural areas on winding roads to get there.

Marty's CafeWhen I originally hatched my plan, I thought I would go through the town with my videocamera asking to locals about the show and whether they thought their town could be Stars Hollow. I realized that would be pretty annoying though, so instead I decided I would just try to take in as much as I could on my own. I started out with lunch at a local cafe called Marty’s. Not quite a Luke’s diner, this was more of an upscale cafe with a lot of interior design going on. There were bookshelves, dining room tables, and I ate my turkey club in a armchair at a coffee table. The food was pretty good though and the people were very friendly. Afterwards I took a walk around the shopping area and there were plenty of Stars Hollow staples: a bookstore, a antique furniture shop, a post office, a small market, and a hardware supply store. I stopped in at a gift shop called Fancy That! in search of the perfect Mother’s Day gift (still looking). After seeing most of the local fair and getting lost driving around a few times, I decided to head back.

I think the biggest thing difference that struck me about Washington Depot was it seemed higher class than Stars Hollow. I could not envision a teenage mother like Loralai Gilmore fitting in here easily and eventually owning a home. Most of the homes looked quite large and expensive and the stores were a little pricier. I did see an inn that may have been the model for the Dragonfly on the show, but it looked a little fancier than the TV bed and breakfast. Rory would not have had to gone far for a prep school education, there was a boarding school called The Gunnery right in the center of town. A couple students from there were actually getting some coffee when I was at Marty’s. Washington Depot definitely makes a model small town with just about everything you would really need and none of the excess of suburbia.

I’m not sure how I would make out in a place like Washington Depot. If I thought Bristol was boring, I imagine I would feel even more shut in in Washington Depot. If you’re looking to get away from it all though, its a very nice area. Still it was a fun to explore a little part of the state I knew nothing about and be able to tell people about it.

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    • That is a disgusting view and how would you say that to another man when you know well enough you’ve watched Gilmore Girls otherwise you wouldn’t even be on this page criticising someone elses take on this show’s town. Apparently your view of anything would be a vulger egotistical one considering you watch charmed for the skimpy clothes these women wore on their show. Charmed is an empowering show for women mostly,and someone of your taste ,of coarse,does not comprehend these siplistic facts who has no choice but to opinionate something that refers to nothing other than your own stupidity!

      • Old thread, but I just had to say: You do realize he was kidding, right? As in he was implying that both “Gilmore Girls” and “Charmed” are generally not shows that men admit to watching – whether or not skimpy clothing is involved (and by the way… generalizing much?). He was poking fun at himself by admitting that he watches “Charmed”. Way to blow that out of proportion…

  1. i think it would be osome to go to the as u say stars hollow the place where the gilmore girls did thier set im glad to say im a big fan of the hole cast but my favorit out of the hole cast was loreli and rory i would love to one day go and check out the place where it was all done i think it would be fabulas and a great trip i hope one day i can


      theres nothing wrong with LOVING gilmore girls or charmed, i woud love to see the set, and the town look alike. =)

    • Omggggggg I’m sooo with you my dream is to go to washington depot and live there I always wanted the gilmore girl life it’s my favorite show in the world I haveeeee everyone season on tape it is amazing I big big big fan

    • I agree. I want to visit this town as well…if there were such a place…now I am setting out to visit this area…ON my bucket list…lol

      • I really want too live in stars hollow I act just like lorali and my best friend (more like sister) acts just like Rori and my other best friend acts just like suci

  3. i have the complete series as well. you can get it at any major big box store.
    steve, do you happen to remember what the inn that looked like the dragonfly was called? there are a few in town and i was curious as to which one it is.

  4. Its a beautiful day here in England, and i have only recently come across the Gilmore Girls amongst our tv programmes, my daughter is an avid watcher of the programme too! she’s just left college and has had more time during the summer to devote to time out with the Gilmore girls in between summer jobs!, but i find the programme uplifting and charming.I found myself wishing to have the opportunity to visit Stars Hollow and wondering if there was such aplace! lo and behold i log on to the internet and find this page! and others!! so you are not the only person who wonders about the places we see on programmes!Lucky you to be that close to visit! I too would love to meet the cast who knows perhaps One day!

  5. Hi!

    Thanks for checking out the real Stars Hollow. I’ve been wanting to do the same, but don’t live close enough to just take a drive there. I’m glad you described and compared the set with reality because I think I needed to know what the town was really like before I visit – might have felt a little disappointed if I didn’t know the truth before I got there!


    P.S Don’t be afraid to admit you liked the show! I know other guys who like it too. (If you really have to, just say it’s because the girls were hot! lol)

  6. Acho que é um insulto para a história da televisão alguém dizer que acho embaraçoso admitir que via Gilmore Girls.


  7. I love the GG and was so sad that it has been cancelled. Amazon has the complete collection of all the series, I highly recommend it. My 12 year old daughter watches them over and over and I actually think by watching it together we have become closer, because we talk about the issues and laugh along with the show together. It is a very good, real, thoughtful show, and I sure hope television picks up something half as good as GG was, because I don’t love anything that is on TV nowadays…….I guess nothing good can last forever. Anyway, thanks for sharing, I am glad to see fellow fans. It is a pilgrammage I thought about taking, and I guess I am kind of glad I didn’t, I love Stars Hollow as it is in my mind, from the show. I would be expecting to run into Luke, or Miss Patty or Kirk, you know?

  8. hey omg all i ever wanted was to live in stars hollow like the gilmore girls.I love the gilmore girls ive seen like ever show.Its my fav show!!!Lourilie is my role moddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hey, i just watched the season 1 in 2days. i love gilmore girls. i hoping that there would be a season 8 coming out, guess not 🙁

    i love it

    xD xD xD


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  12. You should never be embarrased to admit you watch something that is critically acclaimed, well respected, and always on “Best Of” lists. Gilmore Girls was a brilliant, fantastic show. Nothing embarrasing there.

    Thanks for the article. I’ve always wondered about this place.

  13. Let me start off saying that I love Gilmore girls, and I am sooo addicted to it! I have the complete series and I watch it over and over all day everyday. I have always wanted to go on the set of Gilmore girls and to Washington Depot, to compare the two and to see what Amy and Dan got their inspiration from. Thanks so much for going there and writing about it, hopefully one day I can go and see it for myself. And if I do I would want to run into some quirky people like Kirk or Babette or even Miss Patty.

    Thanks again,
    P.S. Next time please include more pictures because I couldn’t really imagine it, I would just think of the Gilmore girls set.

  14. Wow here i was sitting thinking how amazing would it be to actualy go to stars hollow and meet all the cast from Gilmore girls. and turns out im not the only one.

    i love the gilmore girls and i am so sad that the show got cancelled.
    how ever i will soon be buying the whole boxset to supress my sadness lol.

    glad to see others feel the same

  15. Its good to see that there are so many Gilmore Girl fans out there. I absoloutely love the series-i have the first 3 seasons and have been watching whenever i get the chance. I’m going to Connecticut in a few weeks and i am really hoping to go and see the Gilmore Girls set and Washington Depot. I’m just addicted. I’m gutted that there isn’t going to be a series 8, but hey we’ll always have the first 7 seasons when we want to take a trip to Stars Hollow. I would love to meet the whole cast-i think they are an inspiration.

  16. Got hooked on the gilmore girls when it first came out, have all the box sets and really wanted to visit washington depot or even new haven and hartford. was going to try and tie it into my next trip to the states (from ireland). Still think i might am really greatfull someone else did first so at least i know what to expect!!!
    would love to see more pictues.


  17. I only came across the Gilmore Girls in December 08 on a lazy afternoon chasing channels. I just got into it in a big way and darn it’s finished. It’s now on at the silly time of 8:30am. So I miss it. I’ve found out how to get the box set of all 7 series though, so that’s on my shopping list.
    I love the whole cast they’re a funny, interesting, mad uplifting bunch. Plus I’m on the look out for a Luke to make my life complete. However, it’s not likely I’ll find him in my mad Dibley like village in Lincolnshire.

  18. OMG OMG OMG OMG Like totally… and my mom and friend and her mom want to go on a road trip so i thought we cld all go to stars hollow… here i am doing research nd theres no star hollow!!!! watta bummer!!

  19. i love the gimlmore girl set i love the kemistry of rory and lorlie and i hope that me and my mom will be like that when i grow up to be rorys age and i hope my first boy friend is like den and i really want to move to a small town like stars hollow so can i wish i can move there when i am out of collage

  20. We are all GG freaks! But we love it. My mom and I watch and re-watch all of the shows, we tivo them and practically know most of the scripts. Honestly, we sound like 2 kooks, but we are very intelligent and balanced chicks. And- we think it was a BIG mistake to cancel this series so abruptly. There were SO many unique characters in this town. The series, always known to be quirky, could have easily taken a whole new story line- by referencing how Lorelai and Rory go on with their lives-outside of Stars Hollow. The series could have easily been geared to feature the exceptional eclectic group of actors/acresses; Kirk, Gypsy, Babette, Miss Patti, Lane, Zach, Mrs. Kim, Sooki, Jackson, Michelle, Tayler, Paris, and Lorelai’s parents could have easily been intertwined into the scripts. We loved being invited into Lorelai and Rory’s life, but we think what all GG fans loved even more was being able to sit back and be transported to life in a town such as Stars Hollow. Seeing the town square decorated for every holiday, waiting to see what party or whacky event would be held next in the town. The story lines were whacky and wonderful. And with a little creative writing, this wonderful series could have had a much longer run.

  21. Interesting take on Washington Depot. It must have changed somewhat from the time that I was last there. I used to do a lot of kayaking in the 80’s and the Shepaug River, which runs through/near Washington Depot, was a favorite early spring destination for use whitewater fans. Back then, it was a pretty dead place, with nothing to recommend it. To quote Harry Chapin, “I spent a week there one afternoon”…

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  23. I am a 36 year old mom with an eighteen and 12 year old daughter(s). I had my first daughter early like Lorelai but it’s my 12 year old who is a complete Rory and we have a relationship just like them. Anyway I live in a small town in MO and it is nothing like Stars Hollow. I just got into the show this year and record episodes everyday. I am actually trying to find a small town that does resemble Stars Hollow so I can relocate. I love the look of the town. If anyone has any information please let me know. And real men do watch Gilmore Girls how else are they supposed to know how to treat their moms, wives, and daughters?


    • Realize he probably has no input but I think the series was never properly ended. I,and many of you,would love a movie explaining their lives NOW. I really am not obsessed but I truly loved the series. I would even provide a script idea. They deserve a proper ending.

  25. After a bit of research, I have found quite a few similarities in their processes, such as their use of town selectmen, and town meetings. It is really surprising how small they really are. Living here in Phoenix, I forget how quaint life can really be. I would love to wisk my family away to a small town like that. Maybe someday when I win the lottery.

  26. hi i’m from the Bahamas and I am a BIG FAN of the GILMORE GIRLS
    I loved every moment every minute and I want to buy the who dvd set. the ladies were all fantastic and it use to feel like they were girls right down the street where i live and I related very well
    it was a great show and if they can still put the show on tv am sure I’d be right in the front of my set.

  27. I love Gilmore Girls and also am intrested in visiting the warner brothers set but i have been told they have dismanteld it and are using it for other films now. i live in England Uk an would love to visit Washington Depot some time. i am also intrestie in geting pictures of the set of stars hollow but cant seam to find any, did you get any pictures from your trip maybe you could set up a fan site for guilmore girls as the only 1 i can find is rubbish.

  28. My daughter and I still love them. Watch them all the time. Maybe we should all write wb and try to get them to restart the series…original cast of course.

  29. I thought they were starting up Gilmore Girls again, and then nothing… What happened? I use to watch this show in high school, i was such a huge fan. I still watch it in the afternoon, but i’m rather sad that they made a big deal about the new season and then it never came on, anyone know what happened?

  30. To Molly,
    It turned out that the “starting up again” was actually going to be reruns of the originals, but with deleted scenes. ABC Family was very sneaky about how they handled that & I think there are many disappointed people out there.-Myself included.

  31. hi

    I’m from connecticut, born and raised. Stars hollow is such a fairytale world compared to CT. Connecticut is so cut and dry. There is no gray area like the idea of an ideal quaint town where one can afford to live. Also, where people wouldn’t be snooty. Sadly in this state its either too expensive or ghetto and unsafe. I live in a terrible area here and I’m actually moving out of CT in a few weeks ….finally! Its hard to find a safe and afforadable place here to raise a family. I found my stars hollow in maine. But. I will forever loves gilmore girls. I could watch it over and over and over.

    • Mike,
      I hate to say it, but you are the one that may need to get a life. I am a 26 year old male with a beautiful girlfriend, and I will tell you that the Gilmore Girls is one of the best and most inspirational shows I have ever seen. Real men watch the Gilmore Girls, and whatever else will give them the inspiration to make it through the hard times of life. I will admit that I am looking for my own Stars Hollow, and I really hope that I can find it one day. Mike, try to learn to open your mind to the ideas of different people. You won’t get much in life by passing biased criticism on people that have done nothing at all to you. If that’s what your into then get off the internet and try talk radio.
      To my fellow GG fans, it is a very sad thing that the show has come to an end, but at least there are seven wonderful seasons to remind us there is that perfect, fairytale town where life is manageable.

  32. HI there from far away Germany!
    My son(!) and I are huge fans of the GG and he gave me the first set of DVD’s when the series ended… I have just ordered the last set at Amazon now and I expect we will be watching it over and over again. Only yesterday did we say how much we would love to visit Stars Hollow – but I had wondered already if there was such a place at all…. Maybe it’s just as well it doesn’t exist – it can be better at times to hang on to phantasies and ideas… we love to dive into the world of Lorelai and Rory – it is quaint, funny, and it teaches …. everyone who is willing to be a little “different” and live it!
    Happy new year to all of you!

  33. My daughter and I also one Saturday morning decided to find out where exactly Stars Hollow was and maybe plan a trip there in a Jeep of course; dressed as Lorelei and Rory would. My daughter started me watching the show and I love it and asked my husband for the whole series for Christmas I GOT IT!!!!! We don’t live to far away to go see it for ourselves, but in reading I think we would have wanted it exactly how it is in the show. Knowing it is probley not doesn’t seem to matter, time spent with my daughter Stars Hollow look-a-like or not, any adventure with her means everything! I want the same relationship with my soon to be going to collage daughter. “I WILL FOLLOW”


  34. Hi i am from Australia and I love the Gilmore Girls – I have all the series on DVD and I have watched them over and over – I never tire of them and still get a laugh out of the banter between Lorelai and Rory or Kirk and his crazy antics. I am planning a trip to the USA this year and I am planning to find Stars Hollow, the real Stars Hollow, and Conneticut is where I will be starting the search – looking forward to what I find!!!!!!!
    Missing the Gilmore Girls but I can always spend time with my fictional friends watching the DVDs!!

  35. If she was basing the show of Washington depot she clearly wasn’t basing the physical location of Washington depot for stars hollow it doesn’t fit any of the descriptions of near by towns they talk about specifically it is not 30 miles from Hartford nor 30mins from new haven and not near new London which is also mentioned it should be noted that the physical location is more in the range of deep river, Ct.

    • Hi Ggfan! Late to this thread so you may never see this (!), but, I completely agree. In fact, in the pilot when Rory is going to Chilton for her first day, they show an outside shot of the Gelston House inn and restaurant, which is just a little north of Deep River. For those of you not from Connecticut, Deep River and the Gelston House are southeast of the capital, Hartford, while Washington Depot/possible Stars Hollow location is west of Hartford. So I always wondered if Rory took a bus 30 minutes east from Stars Hollow to Hartford, and then another rode another 30 minutes east of Hartford, past the Gelston House, to get to Chilton?! But on the other hand, they reference Woodbury (they thought about going out there for Lorelai’s bachelor party when she was engaged to Max, I think), and Luke references his boat being down in Bridgeport…which are all on the Washington Depot/west of Hartford side, so that contradicts Chilton being near Deep River. But, reminding myself that it’s fiction usually clears up any confusion about this. 🙂 I also agree with other posters who say that the town doesn’t look like Washington Depot; indeed, the set at Warner Brothers actually doesn’t look like a small Connecticut town at all. The buildings are definitely too high, and too “developed” (built with concrete and big facades)….and sometimes you can see the California hills in the background! They also sometimes use the wrong lingo for the highways, like, “I’ll take the 91.” Maybe that’s a California thing; people don’t usually say “the 91” here in CT…we say I-91 or I-84. But this doesn’t dampen my love for GG! And I do appreciate the other touches they incorporated, like the accurate CT license plates, and the CT Dept of Transportation buses. And the weather…the autumn and winter they managed to create on the WB lot were the best. “I smell snow!!!!”

  36. I love Gilmore girls and to be able to see stars hollow or the cast or anything like that would be amasing and i m=am a big fan and i love the show and all the cast but Lauran Graham (lorelai) and Alexis Bledel (Rory)

  37. My daughter and i have been watching the Gilmore Girls over and over as we have the whole 7 series. It has been great this year as we are at an age parellel to Loreli and Rory’s lives and have a great time discussing the different topics.. I feel like watching the show allows us to enter into their world for a while and we find people in our area that remind us of the characters in the show.
    I love Luke and the hot and cold relationship between him and Lorelie until yes the final hour where they cant help but be together.What an event. Would love to have known how they all end up..We will never know..Sad! But still enjoy..

  38. Thank you for writing this, I’m glad someone had the nads to check out the creds of the mythical Stars Hollow berg. I agree there is nothing wrong with liking a critically acclaimed, intelligently written show. On that note, all the typos in the comments are stunning.

  39. my girl friend and I did the trip too the town that you want is New Milford. There are several towns that make up Washington Depot Milford is just up the road. And Lukes is a place some where in the middle called the chuck wagon the locals call it up chucks!!!! WE LOVED IT and are going back in a little

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  41. Woodbury is mentioned as a neighboring town. In nearby Southbury, there is a street named Lorelei Road. A significant figure in Woodbury town history is named Sukie.

    I know both Washington and Bethlehem, both of which border Woodbury. Bethlehem has a green which is much like the one in fictional Stars Hollow. It is also known as “The Christmas Town” which suggests the star of Bethlehem. Also, at Christmas there is an enormous town festival which would remind you of the goofy festivals on the green in Stars Hollow.

    Woodbury town meetings can be a hoot. At a recent town meeting there was a discussion about crows feeding from the dumpster outside a local restaurant. This was brought up as a potential wetlands issue, since the dumpster was on a stream. Ultimately though, the crows were determined to be a land use issue.

    Lorelei might have bought her house in Washington “at the right time” of course. Property taxes are low, so she’d have more money to put in to her mortgage! The depot is a charming town with lots of activities, if you’re in the know about when and where, but the layout of Bethlehem is more suggestive of Stars Hollow. So is the goofy, but wonderful Christmas Fair.

    When Luke moved to Litchfield, Loreli commented that he had moved to “another county. This threw a monkey wrench in out theory that Woodbury or Bethlehem might be the model since they, along with the depot are all in Litchfield County.

  42. I agree with Alicia that New Milford CT is also a “likely suspect”. Great green and old Victorian houses within walking distance.

  43. Im from Australia. I adore the GG. Whenever Im low, I can watch that show and feel uplifted. I wish I was Lorelai living in such an uncomplicated and slow paced, peaceful place. Too bad it doesnt exist. Kirk just cracks me up every time.I have finished the whole series which is sad. Id love to see another series but I suppose that was a natural conclusion.I was thinking of travelling to Conneticut too but probably wont now.And dont say ‘Get a Life’ becuase I have a very nice one. It’s just nice to contemplate such a positive utopia in this very negative and violent world.

  44. Glad to see I’m not the only major fan of the Gilmore Girls! I’ve been watching it since the early noughties and I absolutely love it. Because I live in Ireland, it was hard for me to watch all 7 series, because certain tv channels only showed some series. I first started watching in on RTE 1 ( 1 of our national channels), however they only showed the first few series. A few years later I discovered it on Nickelodeon, but they too only showed a few series. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I found out that E4 ( a british tv channel) constantly show reruns off all 7 series consecutively. So once the final episode is aired, the next day E4 goes right back to the first episode again. Its BRILLIANT! Although its been a bit of a struggle to see all the episodes, its definitely been worth it!!! 😀 I love watching gilmore girls episodes especially if I’ve had a bad day, it always puts me in a good mood. I too would love to visit ‘the real stars hollow’. However even just a trip to Connecticut in the autumn or winter would be good enough for me!
    Orla (“,) (major gilmore girls fan!)

  45. Lauren Graham is on my “list” so needless to say I watched Gilmore Girls too. “Ok” show, very funny writing though.

  46. Umm..the Dragonfly was NOT a bed and breakfast. In season three, the Inn catches fire and they talk about activities they can do to stay open and decide to settle as a bed and breakfast for a short time. By the next episode, it’s back to being an Inn.

  47. WOW! This is great , I am looking for a small town to move to, so that i can just sit and write. Being a Big fan of the Gilmore Girl’s i decided to look up Stars Hollow Just to see if really exsisted. That’s when I found your article, it was great!
    Now,for all those guys out there who won’t admit they liked the show, grow up! It was a great show!

  48. My daughter and I just LOVE the Gilmore Girls. I purchased the box set as a Christmas gift. She absolutely loved it. We watch the reruns every day. This show has inspired my Daughter to “reach for the stars” Her aspirations are Harvard, Yale, Colombia or Princeton. We have already toured Harvard and Yale is next on our to visit list. We are also planning to visit “Stars Hollow” while we are in the area. SO EXCITED!!!

  49. Gilmore Girls is my favorite show as well, and I am very sad that it went off air. Thanks for reviewing the town. It sort of disappoints me that Washington Depot seems sort of pricey and I have these unrealistic expectations to move there and have conversations similar to those on GG with people like Jess or Luke or Bebbett.

    (Gilmore Girls was filmed in Canada…)

    I suppose that I should keep looking for a small town. I’m not considering this one…sounds a bit ridiculous, in my opinion. I just need to keep looking, I suppose. Thanks again for going to this town for us all and writing a review – it was so badly needed.


  50. the “real” stars hollow is Unionville, Ontario canada…the “idea” for the show came to the creator while visiting washington depot, ct…

    there is a description here…,_Ontario

    also, “Rory” WOULD HAVE had to go far…the boarding school in washington depot is second class…she was supposed to go to one of the “top tier” prep schools to get her into Harvard/Yale…NOT likely at the Gunnery…

    • The school Rory attended is after CHoate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, CT mixed with wILTON in MA, hence the name “Chilton.” I live in the town where Choate is, Wallingford (a very cute New England town with Victorian style homes in the downtown area & some nice small business) and the school is very prestigious. Many IVY leagues and famous people have attended, i.e. some of the Kennedys. On Rory’s first day at Chilton she is actually holding a Choate schedule. Although one big difference is that Choate is a boarding school with students from all over the world (I believe Wilton & “Chilton” are day schools) and Choate does not have that specific of a uniform although they do have a strict dress code (I believe Wilton & obviously Chilton does have a uniform)!

  51. I’d always wondered what the “real” Stars Hollow is like. I worship Gilmore Girls and ever since watching the first episode, I’ve wanted to live in Stars Hollow. It was an amazing show and I’m sad it got cancelled. It would be really cool if there was a new kind of “visit” back on Stars Hollow on TV, just to see where Luke and Lorelai’s relationship led to 10 years later, if Rory and Dean ever got back together, or even to find out if Kirk and Lulu got married. Did Liz and TJ stay together? Did Jess write any more books? What of Lorelai and Suki’s friendship? And what about Emily and Richard? What newspaper did Paris end up working for?

    –Luke+Lorelai4Ever! <3

    PS: If you're going to bother leaving a comment on any blog or website, I suggest learning how to spell first. I'm only 14 and I can spell better than most of you people!

    • Well remeber Paris finally chose to become a doctor! As for all your other questions its good to have an open mind for all possibilities! To be young and still wonder,is to keep your minds inner intelligence and thoughts circulating. Its possible to write to the station that supported the wonderful Gilmore Girls and plead them to persue some follow up! That would be exciting and wonderful for all Gilmore fans!

  52. The BEST show ever!! I watch this show every single day! I feel like this could be like an everyday life. I wish they continued until Season 8. It kind of ends on a cliff hanger! 🙁 i have watched all 7 seasons at least twice and I’m only 12. My dream car is Lorelai’s tan jeep wrangler! I have begged my mom for three years to get me that Jeep Wrangler for my 16 birthday!!!!

  53. I love gilmore girls!!! Do people really live in this town? Are there stors that are open? And hotels or bed & breakfasts?

  54. We are mother and daughter from Bosnia, who worship Gilmore Girls, and are planning to visit the “real Stars Hollow” in March. The daughter is now a sophomore at Wesleyan University, CT, and I, the mother, am coming to visit her from Bosnia during spring break in March. One of the items on the agenda is to find the “real Stars Hollow”. Needless to say, we have watched all the seasons of GG so many times, almost know it all by heart. I would appreciate any additional suggestions – Washington Depot seems to be the place and I am so grateful for this blog report. But would Bethlehem or Woodbury or Southbury (I want to see the Lorelei Road sign) be better, or should we combine them all? Any suggestion of the residents of CT who love GG would be truly appreciated!

  55. Washington Depot is not the sole inspiration for Gilmore Girls. Stars Hollow is an amalgam of several small Connecticut towns including Washington Depot, Essex, and Collinsville. If you’re looking for the true feel of Stars Hollow quirky middle-class yankee town, your best bet is Collinsville. It has the quaint little shops, the strolling minstrel, drum circles, farmers markets, unusual festivals, the busybody(s), and even the inane town meetings. Some of the town families have been there for hundreds of years, but new comers are always welcome, as long as they don’t try to change the overall vibe (McMansion-ites are endured, not really welcomed).

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  57. I started watching Gilmore Girls when I was a young teenager and it became my sanctuary! I recorded what I could on cassete and religiously watched every day repeats,I had my first daughter in 2006 then my first son in 2007 and my last 2011,they all know the opening song and once they hear it they run to the tv all stand in front and are either singing or dancing with the music as it plays through,amazing,what I love they love and once they comprhend its contents I will buy them each a copy of all seven seasons! I finally found and own all seasons myself! Yay! Still is my number 1 show of my lifetime!

  58. I lived in washington depot on the bank of the shepaug river., which at its very best today is but trickel.when it was a great little town with everybody knowing everyone. but now all that remains of this is the new york establishment and their commercialism. a town torn apart and gone forever with not much to show of its illustrious past. a tragic ending to a beautiful town.

  59. Please everyone, start watching Amy Palladino’s newest show that even has the same music Gilmore Girls had. Bunheads had its first few shows this summer and I really hope to see it come back. So if you have the capability to see them “on demand”, do so!

  60. i just started to watch The Gilmore Girls and lov it so much i am starting from the 1st season so i could catch it all. i wish i could move to that Stars Hollow now it looks so nice . and to be in that small town that u can walk to any where sounds so good . thanks God for reruns. Tammy Gilbert ,va

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  63. I miss the GG so much . I miss the entire cast and the town of Stars Hollow. I own the entire box set and have watched the series over and over. No show has ever left such an impression on me and no show ever will. I pray that each and every cast member whom I miss sooo much , is happy and doing well in their lives.

  64. Love the GG! I own the complete series as well (thanks to my wonderful husband). If I could, I would move to Stars Hollow. I grew up in a small town and miss that sense of community. Thanks for checking out Washington Depot. I really appreciate your compare/contrast description of the town. I hope I can visit it one day as well. Too bad it is not an hour road trip for me. 🙁

  65. I’m a GG superfan! I think this TV show is excellent. I have the complete series, too. I’d love to live in a place like Stars Hollow if I could… Anyway, I think Gilmore Girls show deserves more than five stars.

  66. I am so glad I am not alone! My Daughter and I used to watch Gilmore Girls every Tuesday night during the shows run. Really good memories!

  67. I was born and raised in Washington. Just to be clear folks, the name of the town is Washington, not Washington Depot. The depot is a small section of the town in a valley. While it is “quaint” and beautiful, the life of the town is slowly a disappearing due to the rise of weekenders, mostly from NY. the high cost of living has made it so young families cannot afford to live there, which is contributing to the rapid declining enrollment in the public schools. It has now become a second home to the wealthy. Steve, I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. Also glad you didn’t interview people about the show, they probably wouldn’t have had any idea what you were talking about. Most people don’t know that the show was based on Washington. I still live in CT and visit Washington. If you want to see the hidden gem in town, head over to steep rock.

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