Penn State Appears in UK Film Cashback

I rented an independent film called Cashback on Netflix this weekend and was surprised to find a cameo appearance of a Penn State sweatshirt. The 2006 feature film is an adapatation (really more an extention) of 2004 short flim that was nominated for an Academy Award. The Penn State girl’s scene appears in both versions. Certainly Penn State’s a well known school in the United States, but I was surprised to see it represented in a British film. It made me wonder whether the actress or maybe another crew member has a connection the the University, but I couldn’t find any details about it on Google. Ironically, I looked on a couple Penn State clothing Web sites and couldn’t find any sweatshirts exactly like this one. Anyway, its fun to see Penn State reach expanding across the Atlantic.

Update: FYI, as College OTR humorously pointed out, the film is NSFW in case you go looking for it. I think its pretty tasteful though and the whole movie is pretty original.

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