Penn State’s Stadium Roar Predates All Others

The Genesis of the Roar. The second item on this page is a nice little story about the lion’s roar they play on the PA system at Beaver Stadium during football games. Apparently it started as a radio show effect, then started being used at wrestling matches and basketball games. Other schools have come up with copycats but the lion’s roar was the first.

Beaver Stadium Will Become Country’s Largest Stadium

For at least two years, Big House won’t be biggest. Who isn’t surprised that Michigan was trying to cheat at the ADA, by not  making the stadium accessible. Now that the playing field is level though, maybe Penn State will expand to keep up with them. Generally I regard stadium expansions as the worst kind of pissing contest, but if Penn State wants to add seats so I can get tickets easier that’s alright by me now.

Hockey in Beaver Stadium !?!

Inquirer: Outdoor game with Pens floated. Flyers GM Paul Holmgren wants to see his team play an annual outdoor hockey game with Pittsbugh at Beaver Stadium. IN. Of course there is that little problem of JoePa not letting anyone on the field (probably for fear of overshadowing football as much as protecting the field). Still, its an exciting idea.