Penn State’s Basketball is Overshadowed by (and Often Confused with) Football

Penn State basketball players go where nobody knows their names. A great feature on the forgettable Penn State men’s basketball team, which recently has become more of a Big Ten spoiler (though not a powerhouse). Poor Jamelle Cornley, no one even knows he plays basketball on campus! On a side note, I think its interesting that though I don’t like basketball that much I think Dana O’Neil and Henry Abbott are my favorite contributors.

One of the Smartest (and Worst) College Basketball Teams

Summer session takes on a whole new meaning at Caltech. Division III basketball school California Institute of Technology hasn’t won a conference game since 1985. That’s probably because most of the players are super students doing undergraduate research and are getting 4.0 GPAs in physics majors. Kind of flies in the face of “winning is the only thing” but its a fun story.

Tennessee Basketball Player Chris Lofton Had Cancer

Tennessee’s Lofton quietly faced and beat cancer. Just an amazing, must-read story that’s really well done. It’s easy to get cynical about ESPN, especially when you see it warts and all on a daily basis, but this story and one earlier this week about an opponents carrying an injured softball player around the bases washes over all that for me. It makes me a little prouder than usual to be working of the worldwide leader in sports.