Cold and Colder

I am home again and I have a cold again. This has been going on for a while now, that I get a little bug everytime I come home from school. It may be that I am allergic to the house or that I just get hit with all the kids germs. Or it could be that our house is always freezing. It’s not really that cold out these days, but our house does not hold the heat in well.

Otherwise it has been a nice break so far. Yesterday I got out to Best Buy early, as mentioned below, to pick up the King Kong DVD. I have to say I was pretty pleased with the movie. Today I watched Madagascar with my little brothers, which was also good fun. And I finally got to see Shopgirl, which was ok but very weird. Ultimately when it comes to middle-aged comics, Steve Martin doesn’t touch Bill Murray.

Tomorrow I have the annual Haverford-Upper Darby Thanksgiving game. We’re the second oldest Thanksgiving rivalry in the country. I am hoping that I’ll be seeing some of my old high school friends too. Then we got my grandparents over for Thanksgiving dinner. Friday morning I hope to be collecting discounted electronics at Best Buy. And I’ll be out freezing at Coatesville watching high school playoff football on Friday night.

I am kind of busy nursing my runny nose and watching crappy television programs. I may break my post a day quota due to the holiday, so I wanted to check in before hand. So Happy Thanksgiving to all and I hope you are all enjoying your holiday as much as I am.

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