The 8th Wonder of the World

Kong and AnnI just got back from an opening night screening of Peter Jackson’s King Kong. The seats were a little lumpy and the popcorn was too salty/not buttery enough. I doubt you’re interested in that though. There’s a lot one can say about it, so I’ll keep things short. SEE THIS MOVIE. I have not seen a better one this year and I can’t say there was many better last year either. Let the gay cowboys wait for DVD. Go to your local cineplex, get some popcorn and see Kong. You may want some tissues though, it is tragic.

It is a long movie, but I never felt like things got too slow. In fact I felt disappointed with how quickly the original went when I saw it last month. Fans should not fret though, Jackson stays true to the original story and pays homage to it quite a bit. In looking at his success with the Lord of the Rings and now Kong, it seems Jackson’s secret is that he is a fan of his own material. Jackson understands what fans love about these stories and delivers.The connection between Kong and Ann seemed very real in this version, making it much more than some sort of monster movie. There are a lot of monsters in this movie though – Jackson went wild with his ‘bad taste’ for about 40 minutes of entertaining sequences.The special effects were good, though at this point that seems a given for any modern movie.

Like I said, I could go on for a while about this movie but I’ll stop. If you enjoy movies at all though, check this one out. You won’t regret it.

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