Video Flashbacks

I haven’t posted in a while, so to catch you up, I am done the semester and home for the holidays, err Christmas vacation if you prefer. One of the projects my mom has me tasked me with is converting all our old family tapes to digital video. We have about two dozen videotapes and cassettes from the last 20 years. It was pretty neat looking back on my youth and also how different the adults in my life looked.

One thing I noticed is that humans must form most of their unique expressions very early. I swear I saw my sister giving the same evil eye at age 2 that she does today. The other, less surprising fact, is that almost all my siblings looked alike as chidren. What’s weird is that pictures of myself as a child look like some of my younger brothers today. All in all there were a lot of funny and embaressing moments. I might post some clips later when I finish the project.

Otherwise, its pretty boring here in Havertown. I got 5 As and a B+ this semester, so I can’t complain about how school ended. I saw Syriana last night, which was good and thought-provoking. I have been trying to help my mom shop for presents, but we haven’t had a lot of luck so far. I am also dealing with my regular home-from-school allergy/cold thing, but its not so bad. I’m going to try to keep up with the posting better over break.

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