Conan’s 24 Pipeline

I have received a lot of traffic last week for a lot of reasons, among them being people’s interest in the Jack Bauer list. As I mentioned before I did not have anything to do with creating this entertaining piece, but I am happy to share it with the world.

I recently found out that the list was a spin-off of a popular Internet site with Chuck Norris Facts.And when WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg recently blogged about that list and the Conan O’Brien Walker clips, a light bulb went off in my head. The clips feature random and funny clips from the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger and while watching 24 tonight I realized that it also has similar clips that could be very funny. So without further ado …

Conan O’Brien’s 24 Pipeline (12.8mb)

This is a semi-original creation, so the video editing is pretty rough. It’s a good laugh though. If someone else can do a better job, feel free to. Also, if Conan wants to take this idea he is welcome to as well. Anyway, I wasted to much on time on this for now. So good night.

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