Conan’s 24 Pipeline

I have received a lot of traffic last week for a lot of reasons, among them being people’s interest in the Jack Bauer list. As I mentioned before I did not have anything to do with creating this entertaining piece, but I am happy to share it with the world.

I recently found out that the list was a spin-off of a popular Internet site with Chuck Norris Facts.And when WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg recently blogged about that list and the Conan O’Brien Walker clips, a light bulb went off in my head. The clips feature random and funny clips from the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger and while watching 24 tonight I realized that it also has similar clips that could be very funny. So without further ado …

Conan O’Brien’s 24 Pipeline (12.8mb)

This is a semi-original creation, so the video editing is pretty rough. It’s a good laugh though. If someone else can do a better job, feel free to. Also, if Conan wants to take this idea he is welcome to as well. Anyway, I wasted to much on time on this for now. So good night.

Celebrity Blogging with Zach Braff

Since seeing Garden State I have become a big Zach Braff fan and I have enjoyed reading his blog. After a long layoff, he recently made a pretty neat video post. He shows off a piece of the sky from Chicken Little and a Natalie Portman doll he made using leftovers from Star Wars. Celebrity blogging is pretty cool when they keep up with it. Reading about long days on a set and hearing him talk about things from an insiders perspective is interesting. But most interesting is how normal they seem. Braff’s posts are letters handed down from above like some fan club, but more personal thoughts and stories. It’s pretty cool stuff and I hope he keeps it up.