Launch Pad Takes Off

Collegian: Company aids student entrepreneurs. Consultant, entrepreneur, and college roommate extraordinaire Rob Shedd is interviewed about his Lion Launch Pad. Besides my obvious bias of being a friend of Rob’s, I think its a neat project because its offering student entrepreneurs an environment that seems similar to the type of environment the Collegian offers student journalists.

One thought on “Launch Pad Takes Off

  1. Hey Steve, thanks for the nice post! It was fun to see the Lion Launch Pad in the Collegian.

    It’s nice to see your blog being updated again. I posted an update to mine tonight for the first time in June. I’ll have to be better about that.

    Looks like you got a nice TV for your office! We need some of those in our warehouse…

    Good seeing you in State College! It was fun – we’ll have to do that again sometime soon.

    Talk to you later,


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