Beta Launch

ESPN Beta Front Page

Our redesigned beta site is open for ESPN Insiders today, but if you aren’t an insider here’s a little taste. It feels good that to know people can finally see it after months of grueling work. The new look goes live in a month or so.

Update: The beta site is now available to the general public at

5 thoughts on “ Beta Launch

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  2. I’m really behind on my RSS feeds and just saw this today. Great job, Steve! It’s a lot cleaner and easier to scan than the current homepage. I like the increased focus on videos, too. Architecture wise it makes a lot of sense to reduce the number of sports shown in the second level nav, since you want to hit the 80/20 rule and not hide the most important information. My only comment for improvement would be that if you try to hover over a sport in the second level nav (“College Basketball” for example), you have to be pretty precise so as to not mouseover the top level nav above it. Sometimes the navigation menu that appears on mouseover for those items covers the second level nav link you’re trying to hit. Minor usability issue but certainly not a huge deal.

    It must be exciting to see your work go live! It’s great to have that much of a direct impact on the company.

    Hope you’re doing well!


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