2008 Year in Review

Happy New Year everbody! While 2009 is now underway, thought I would check look back on the year that was 2008:

  • Saw There Will Be Blood. Twice. I saw all the other award nominees too.
  • I went sledding and hurt my arm.
  • Worked on blog networks, NCAA Tournament, Olympics, and redesign.
  • Ate my first Chipotle burrito. Also would try other new foods including Thai, Indian, and various seafoods.
  • Saw a SportsCenter commercial being filmed, but I did not make it into the final cut.
  • Visited Providence, RI, Orlando, FL, Boston, MA, Washington, DC (thanks Chris and Marc), Seattle, WA (thanks Heather), and New York, NY. I also visited Washington Depot, CT, which is now the most popular post on this Web site.
  • Austin left ESPN, so did Paul, KC, Andrews, Jeff and Stella
  • Roger, Aaron, Dheerja, Andrew, Brian, Greg, Lisa, Nick, Dustin, Will and Jason joined ESPN
  • Bought my first Mac. I’m typing this post on it.
  • Started using Twitter. I posted 447 tweets in 2008.
  • My brother Pat graduated from Penn State and got a job teaching at Penn Wood High School. My brother Chris graduated from high school and went to West Chester University. My brother Mike graduated from middle school and went to high school and my brother Kevin graduated from elementary school and went to the middle school.
  • Took my first ever trip to Disney World with my brother Chris. Among my favorite moments was getting to sit down at an animator’s desk and learn to draw Tigger.
  • Saw WALL-E twice and The Dark Knight three times.
  • Went to the PGA Travelers Championship, a Mets-Phillies game, a Knicks-Mavs game, and the Jimmy V Classic. Did not make it to any Penn State games 🙁
  • Upgraded to high speed Internet and digital cable.
  • Ate 5 bowls of pasta at Olive Garden’s never-ending pasta bowl event. Will never do that again.
  • The Phillies won the World Series. I got as far as the Wynnewood train station in my quest to see the victory parade, but no further.
  • Bought a Blu-Ray player on Black Friday.
  • Visited the Franklin Institute for the first time in probably 10 years.
  • Surviving until Jan. 5.

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