Post Super Bowl Thoughts

  • Last year I felt a distaste every time I remembered the Super Bowl and that Peyton Manning won. I hate the guy. What a difference a year makes. Every time I look back on this game I’m going to get a smile across my face that Tom Brady and Bill Bellicheck lost and ended their perfect season. I’m a sadist.
  • It felt uncomfortable rooting for the Giants, but my enthusiasm for them grew throughout the game. And to their credit, the Giants fans didn’t mind support coming from a guy decked out in Eagles gear. My justification is that rooting for the Giants over the Patriots is kind of like rooting for the Russians in WWII over the Nazis.
  • I joked with some friends that I wanted Tom Petty to win the Super Bowl and his Heartbreakers didn’t disappoint. Personally I think it was my favorite post-nipple Super Bowl performance. Unlike some of the other classic rock bands called on to deliver good clean fun, these guys are still in their prime. I just wish they could have played Mary Jane’s Last Dance (or Dani California :))
  • Eli Manning won the MVP because he’s the name brand of the bunch. But much of the credit goes to the Giants defensive line for pressuring Brady all night long: Umenyiora, Alford, Tuck, and the veteran Strahan all delivered and kept Manning’s offense in the game.
  • One of the cool things about working with people from all over the country is that there’s always someone you know who’s a fan. And when there’s a championship that means someone you know is going home happy. The Giants fans I know were kids when they last won a Super Bowl. Of course I wasn’t even born when the Eagles won the NFL Championship (they’ve never won a Super Bowl). In fact no Philadelphia franchise has won a championship since I was born.

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