Patriots 19-0 Super Bowl Gear Goes to Third World

NFL Gear Not Going To Waste. I’ve always wondered what happens to the losing team’s shirts and hats in the Super Bowl and other championship events. Apparently the Pats stuff went to a hurricane-torn region of Nicaragua, where it was worn by a girls soccer team that went on to win their championship. Kind of poetic.

Post Super Bowl Thoughts

  • Last year I felt a distaste every time I remembered the Super Bowl and that Peyton Manning won. I hate the guy. What a difference a year makes. Every time I look back on this game I’m going to get a smile across my face that Tom Brady and Bill Bellicheck lost and ended their perfect season. I’m a sadist.
  • It felt uncomfortable rooting for the Giants, but my enthusiasm for them grew throughout the game. And to their credit, the Giants fans didn’t mind support coming from a guy decked out in Eagles gear. My justification is that rooting for the Giants over the Patriots is kind of like rooting for the Russians in WWII over the Nazis.
  • I joked with some friends that I wanted Tom Petty to win the Super Bowl and his Heartbreakers didn’t disappoint. Personally I think it was my favorite post-nipple Super Bowl performance. Unlike some of the other classic rock bands called on to deliver good clean fun, these guys are still in their prime. I just wish they could have played Mary Jane’s Last Dance (or Dani California :))
  • Eli Manning won the MVP because he’s the name brand of the bunch. But much of the credit goes to the Giants defensive line for pressuring Brady all night long: Umenyiora, Alford, Tuck, and the veteran Strahan all delivered and kept Manning’s offense in the game.
  • One of the cool things about working with people from all over the country is that there’s always someone you know who’s a fan. And when there’s a championship that means someone you know is going home happy. The Giants fans I know were kids when they last won a Super Bowl. Of course I wasn’t even born when the Eagles won the NFL Championship (they’ve never won a Super Bowl). In fact no Philadelphia franchise has won a championship since I was born.